ShofarNexus Technology Demo

This is a technology demonstration of ShofarNexus.

This is running on a server with essentially all security removed to allow examining of the inner workings of the software. Therefore it is subject to occasionally being down. It is periodically whipped clean.

The technology demonstrated includes:


You might notice typically faster page responses than most websites. Tests comparing responses from sites with vastly larger resources, such as, show ShofarNexus about twice as fast. The slower site response is due to the tracking software, data being sourced from multiple servers, and a single page made up of multiple web sites. This demo is from a single core processor with 1G of memory and all data returned is from only one site.


There is no added tracking software, PERIOD. Typically your IP address is exposed, but there is no additional prying, such as done by Google Analytics.

No Script

For the vast majority of all pages served, there is no JavaScript used. Your computer should be able to display data at your discretion, and not be the workhorse for the pages of others. Script is often laced with bugs and is used to find out about you, your habits, your activity, and a bit too much about you. Script has merit for pages that do things like real time data display, but for the majority of pages, it is wholly unnecessary and brings delays, a burden, or a risk.

ShofarNexus delivers the page to you NOW, and avoids entertaining you with things flying around your screen to hide slow responses.

Rootless Domains

The advantage of the centrally controlled domain system, such as the well known “.Com”, is that everyone can get to a domain. The glaring disadvantage is that since it is centrally controlled, you can be taken down by the central authority. This does occur.

ShofarNexus uses rootless domain technology (2012, 2013) that allows working with the standard system and working independent of it. The sites demonstrated here have a domain name such as “”. Each site can also be reached at an alternative like “Demo.Own”, where the Top Level Domain (TLD) is not part of the ICANN root, and cannot be taken down by ICANN or another authority.


You are not better off when others or corporate entities know all the details about what you do on the web. Anonymity is not a crime, but a requirement for those who are free. You are not tracked for your protection, but so you can be controlled.

ShofarNexus is developing the a second generation of the Matryoshka protocol that allows truly anonymous Internet communications, unlike TOR which reduces your exposure, except from the very party you want to hide from. Matryoshka will come online as resources allow.

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