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ShofarDomain is undergoing a reboot.  We hope to return in 2018.

Our principles and goals remain the same.

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ShofarDomain - Notes

ShofarDomain is the driving force behind rootless domain technology.  Much effort has been made over the years to dethrone ICANN is the primary provider for domain names on the Internet.  The weakness of the single provider is the control they hold and many, including the UN, are taking that control.

Rather than trying to replace ICANN, rootless domains provides a DNS resolver that allows the user to work as normal with ICANN domains while also having access to those served by the alternative roots, and rootless domains.

This is a direct assault on the multi-billion dollar domain market that keeps its cash cow going by using a rental model.  Rootless domains allow for a one-time sale model and then passes full irrevocable control to the new owner.

By using digital signature technology, domain ownership cannot be seized, even by governments.

Private domains for families or organizations can then coexist with the global system while remaining private.

Unmonitored DNS

A potential standalone business is to provide DNS resolution services that eliminate tracking.  Many ISPs record all DNS traffic and this can be used as a significant monitoring device.  There are also services provided to limit access to unacceptable sites, such as pornography.  A DNS provider can offer the service for a small annual fee.  This is a fairly modest effort technically.

DNS Filters

A DNS resolution service can provide numerous filtering services as desired by the client.  A filter could return redirected IPs for domains in a certain group, such as pornography.

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ShofarBook: An untraceable self-replicating multilingual Bible

ShofarBook: An update as the project continues

The objective of this site is a technology demonstration of some of the features of ShofarNexus, the software that is hosting this page.

Since the page does not contain JavaScript or require data from other sources, it is completely self-contained. You can verify this with your browser typically by hitting F12 and then finding the “sources” of the files for the page. You will see that it all comes from the single source. In some cases a browser might add additional diagnostic sources. On most pages you view you will find a list of numerous other sources, often related to Google, that provide content, or are simply tracking tools.

The ShofarNexus design allows for simple download of content on the page for offline viewing, including audio and video. Often when this is done with other sites, JavaScript is also downloaded which can be used to track your viewing of the page even when you start with an offline copy.

The ShofarNexus design allows for downloading an entire website to allow it to be viewed offline including all internal navigation tools and without any tracking.


The technology is very real, as demonstrated, but needs a driver project to bring it fully to life.

Interested parties please contact